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I am full of gratitude and pride to have accompanied and supported so many fabulous people on their paths!
Below you can read what some of my clients say about working with me.
“Working with Miriam is incredibly multi-layered. She works on different levels.
On the one hand, she is unbelievably competent professionally and quick in implementing and working out next steps.
On the other hand, she has a very conscious approach to issues that are human and emotional and combines these two areas skillfully and constructively with each other. I always leave the sessions with Miriam with a wonderfully charged energy and new ideas and solutions for my issues. Thank you – from the bottom of my heart – for this accompaniment!”
Tina Richter,

Management Herzsache GmbH, Academy for Heart Education - 2020

„By working with Mrs. Stark we were able to acknowledge our strength as well as our weaknesses and thereby improve our lecturing performance.”
Jean Claude Rwubahuka,

University of Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda. – 2014

“During our startup, it made us feel really good and confident to be able to think through our processes and financial planning with Miriam.”
Founder Team of Tante Olga,

first unpacked supermarket,, Cologne - 2015

„Mrs. Stark showed us a new angle of view, which helped us to better understand our work and optimize our processes in within the project.“

Lankananda Perera,

Sri Lankan e.V. Berlin, Colombo, Sri Lanka – 2010

“Through the discussions with Miriam I was able to sort out my private situation, set professional goals and achieve them.”
Mara Siegel,

Integrated Designerin, Berlin - 2011

“The coaching was inspiring, enlightening and beautiful for me. I experienced Miriam as a positive “push”, standing by my side and behind me. That was and is wonderful. When I tentatively expressed my wishes, it was she who shouted loud and clear “Yes, you do that!” too good!
I am very happy about this positive support, the good ideas and brainstorming, which then led us to new thoughts.

And the “push” to rethink that, for example, my figure is not curvy but “divinely feminine” was irritating for me at first, because I – like probably everyone / many – grew up with different standards of what should be beautiful. And from the second moment I found it just a wonderful rethinking – and the “divine-feminine” has settled in me, ha! This is just one of many beautiful examples of the “work” (or rather pleasure) with Miriam. I’m very, very grateful that we met.”

Marie Mewes,

happy and grateful mother of 2 & wife, artist and from now on feminine, grown-up woman - 2022

“After my conversation with Miriam about my professional and private situation, I felt really understood for the first time.”

Zurich - 2016

“Through Miriam’s impulses, I have become aware of my professional expertise and have been able to successfully expand my professional work spectrum as a result.”
Lavinia Muth,

Expert for Sustainable Management, Cologne - 2017

“If someone really wants to, he always finds a way to believe in himself again! Because you are the most important person in your life! Dear Miriam – you are my way! I have come to know and appreciate you as my counselor. With your open, honest and understandable way of explaining things, I feel understood. Changes don’t always come easy, but with your help the big stones – that life puts in your way – become smaller and smaller. Thank you!”

Office Clerk,, Germering - 2018

„Mrs. Stark made it very easy for us to implement and roll out the project because her way of consulting us was always characterized by a very friendly, open but also structured and goal oriented way of communication.“
Dr. Mariam Nchimbi,

University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam , Tansania – 2013