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Cycle clock

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The cycle clock shows in its beautiful subtle design which cycle phase you are currently in. Suspended in the hallway, living room or kitchen, it offers you the opportunity to inform everyone you live with or who visit you about what the special features of each of your cycle phases are. This creates a completely relaxed and effortless conversation about your needs and thus more space for you in your life.
And if you don’t feel like talking to someone about your phases, then the cycle clock is simply a beautiful piece of art that symbolizes the course of life (-;
When you continue analogue, it also reminds you to check-in with yourself and to connect with your cycle superpowers. As a result, you not only look after yourself super well, but are also a role model for every other person in your household and become a self-care source of inspiration for your partner, roommate, friends and your children (!).
And if you are already a proud owner of a cycle clock and know what added value it has offered you and your fellow human beings, give it away and support loved ones with wombs in your environment in creating more space for themselves and their cyclical needs and harness your cycle superpowers!