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Consulting, Coaching & Teaching

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Creative Entrepreneurship

You’ve secretly had an idea for a project or independent employment for so long, but you just don’t know where and how to start?

You have a head full of great ideas, but you just can’t get started and feel disoriented?
You are stuck in your job and feel deep inside that there is much more in you and much more that is possible for you, but you don’t know what or how to get there?
With my profound and long-lasting experience as an entrepreneur I lovingly support you step by step to let your secret professional dreams become reality. Together we will find out which of your great talents you want to capitalize on and who they serve the most.
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Autoimmune conditions

A new approach for your individual healing process!
I understand autoimmune reactions as a sign of a person having a lot of energy. However, they can feel like a prison for those affected: Your own body is doing something that is not good for you and that you do not want. It should simply stop. Even conventional medicine is often at a loss and usually only has the option of treating the symptoms. You feel trapped, lonely and helpless. As if an energy is raging in your body that you can’t tame.
My body has turned its powerful energy against me several times: Against my skin (neurodermatitis), against my lungs (asthma), against my hair (alopecia universalis) and against my nerves (one time multiple sclerosis attack).
However, I don’t resent my body for these attacks, but understand them as clues it has given me to alert me to certain issues.

In doing so, I have come to understand that my body’s autoimmune response is accumulated energy gathering at certain organs to indicate something on a physical level that is calling for attention and healing on a soul level. So, a clear indication that you have incredibly strong energy! Baaa! It just needs to be directed back into the right channels and find outlets through which it works for you, your desires and dreams and not against you.
I love to decode the messages that underlie autoimmune reactions. So together we uncover your very personal issues that are highlighted to receive attention and healing. This creates the space for you to find and live your very own free, colorful and self-determined path of healing.
Due to the deep emotional and spiritual involvement with the different disease patterns that my body has developed as signals, I am rich in the knowledge and empathy needed to quickly grasp the underlying psychosomatic issues of disease patterns and to show different ways for possibilities of healing. My counseling is based on relevant research findings in psychosomatic medicine, from which we set out together to find the right outlets for your beautiful energy.
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Cultural Diversity

I was born in Germany, but I am not German. My mother is Iranian and my father is a Hungarian-Czech mix. My parents, like so many people with an immigrant background, primarily wanted my sister and me to be well integrated into the German culture, so we spoke German at home. Only in emotional moments or situations where not everyone was meant to understand what my mother had to say to me, did a few Persian words bubble out of my mother. My Persian vocabulary is therefore limited to “child, don’t do that!”, “that’s expensive”, “for God’s sake!”, “the woman/the man is beautiful” and “have you gone crazy?!” From my uncle I still have “Helloooo, how are you? Are you well?” with a familiar, firm, affectionate cheek pinch.

Czech or Hungarian I heard in my childhood only when I watched my grandma speaking excitedly on the phone. I love my roots: our little rituals, expressions, insider jokes and my culturally colorful family feeling. My roots give me strength.It wasn’t always that way. Early on, I felt different.


In kindergarten there were children who were not allowed to play with us because my mother was the one with the dark skin and black hair. In every professional situation there was a moment when I felt everything was too stiff, too correct and, above all, far too little warm-hearted. I appreciate the German culture for its precision, its clarity and honesty. Only interpersonal warmth and juicy humor were often missing.

Due to the lack of a sense of belonging, I often tried to hide my roots behind my German last name (we have German-Jewish influences on my father’s Czech side), my European looks, or my eloquence. I made a crucial and important part of me small and limited. Fortunately, this did not make me happy and therefore not really successful. Thus I was forced to go in search of how to live myself to the fullest. Cyclic, Persian, Hungarian, Czech, European, German. The way I want it and the way I am.

If you have not yet found the way you can live out your cultural roots not secretly, but fully and deliciously, then contact me. We will surely find it together.
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II am looking forward to supporting you in living your full, beautiful, colorful cultural diversity openly, loudly, freely, and enriching the world through it!

Cycle Advice

For Women

Your menstrual cycle consists of so much more than an annoying period!
Want to get to know and use your cycle superpowers?
Great! Book a brisk input session right now where you’ll get a rich overview of the cycle and its superpowers, and clarify initial questions about your personal cycle issues.

You want more? To give yourself more space in your life, make it colorful, self-determined and completely free according to your personal cycle needs? Great! I am looking forward to accompanying you in shaping your life and work in a cycle-oriented way and to healing wounds that still prevent you from using your superpowers.

For Girls

You’ve just had your period and you’re completely exhausted and annoyed by your ups and downs. Tampons feel kind of dumb, but you don’t really know any alternative?
Don’t worry! I’m here to help you better understand your cycle and what you need to feel completely happy. You can talk to me about anything without it feeling awkward, cramped or embarrassing.
Along the way, I can also tell you about the superpowers that lie dormant in your cycle and how to best use them for you! Sounds good? Great! Then book a cycle input session with me.

For Queers

Unfortunately, we still live in a society that assigns a menstrual cycle exclusively to the female gender. This leads to the fact that if you have a gender other than female and you bleed, you reject your menstruation and wish it away. However, in doing so, you miss the incredible opportunity to use the cycle superpowers for yourself as well, no matter what gender you are

If you are curious and want to find out how bleeding can be more comfortable for you and you also want to use the cycle superpowers instead of working against them, I am very happy to support you.
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For Couples

Do you notice in your partnership that you keep circling around the same topics, probably even at similar times of the month? What’s going on? Let’s look together and uncover what aspects of the cycle are causing turmoil in your relationship. Together we can constructively and lovingly find a way to give your partnership, with all its demands, the space it needs so that your love can flow freely, roundly and comfortably again.
I am happy to support you in understanding your menstrual cycle and to find out why it is causing aggravation and when.
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For Therapists, Coaches & Healers

The hormonal physical constitutions that people with uteri go through in their cycle are associated with archetypal qualities that can trigger issues related to those qualities. Thus, traumatic memories or experiences, unconscious or conscious, overt or covert conflicts, and conditioned aversions may be more present at some times of the month than others.
In order to make the therapy, coaching or healing process as effective and successful as possible for you and your patients or clients, it is important to include the respective cycle phase and the qualities of this phase in the joint work.
In the therapeutic process, for example, traumatic experiences from childhood can best be considered in Phase 1 and conflicts with the mother or the maternal in Phase 2.
In coaching, recurring resistance of your clients can be considered and healed more easily and sustainably by looking at the respective theme in the cycle phase.
As a healer, you can best treat issues when your client is in the corresponding cycle phase, and thus achieve contact with the respective energy that you need for the healing process.

If you are curious and want to get a first overview of the cycle superpowers and psychological connections, then book an input session now.

For Companies

In cycle-oriented work, the superpowers from the 4 phases of the human menstrual cycle are implemented.
Employees in Phase 1 have the superpower of being eager to learn and inquisitive due to the hormonal increase. Learning new content or exploring new methods and tools works wonderfully here.
In Phase 2, due to the estradiol high, your employees have the superpower to be super diplomatic, compelling and appealing and to take care of others effortlessly.
In Phase 3, due to the increase in the hormone progesterone, every person with a uterus has the superpower to creatively brainstorm or playfully create structures.
In Phase 4 (menstruation) the physical powers of your employees are reduced due to the general hormonal low, but at the same time their superpower is not to be hormonally “distracted”, but to have a clear view for the essential and the big picture, similar to an oracle. Visions for the further development of your projects and your business can give your personnel in Phase 4 wonderful advantages.

In order to be able to use the cycle superpowers, the accruing to-dos are distributed agilely among the employees on a weekly basis according to the cycle phases.
The awareness of the different cycle phases created in this way automatically leads to a more harmonious cooperation in your team: no one will feel personally offended if an employee in Phase 4 does not actively participate in discussions.
This saves you and your HR team a lot of energy and time-consuming discussions and your employees experience more flow in their work, because they do their tasks in accordance with their natural rhythm – their cycle.

The Benefits of Cycle-oriented Work

Cycle-oriented working is not only super smart, it can do so much more:

In terms of your company culture:
  • Awareness of cycle phases and their superpowers creates more understanding in your team and thus a more harmonious interaction overall.
  • It is the most appreciative signal you can give to your employees with a uterus.
  • Through appreciation you increase the satisfaction of your employees and create a workplace where real workflow is lived.
  • You are one of the first companies worldwide to actively live modern feminism.
With regard to your company productivity:
  • It reduces sick days.
  • It increases work efficiency by harnessing cycle superpowers instead of working against them.
  • The implementation is based on the Design Thinking Process, which ensures a sustainable approach adapted to your business and personal needs.
  • It is applied through agile project management, where tasks are distributed according to the cycle superpowers, getting the maximum superpower out of your team.
  • You and your HR team will be relieved, because the awareness of the cycle phases leads to more understanding and harmony in your team.

Be a pioneer!

Would you like to be one of the first companies to use this appreciative trend for yourself and your employees, and thus increase your advantage over other companies even further? Great, then let’s get started! Below you will get a first overview of a possible implementation process and thus a first appreciation of which beneficial and revolutionary steps could await you during the implementation phase.

Example implementation process

Phase I: Learn

Duration: 3 months

In the first phase of implementation, you will receive all the valuable knowledge you need about the cycle to work cycle-oriented in a Kick-off Workshop. Afterwards you will get to know yourself and your needs for 3 months in cycle tracking and collect valuable information. During this time I will be available via WhatsApp for all your questions.

Phase IV: Be wise

Duration: forever (-:

In the final phase of implementation, you will apply the cycle-oriented work independently. Finally, I train your HR staff to deliver the Kick-off Workshop and tracking guidance to new employees.

Phase II: Exchange

Duration: approx. 1 week (may vary depending on team size).

In the second phase of implementation, each team member receives a one-on-one session to collectively evaluate the information gathered about the cycle. This is followed by an exchange workshop to lovingly discuss individual cycle needs.

Phase III: Explore

Duration: 2 months

In the third phase of implementation, you will apply the cycle-oriented work independently (yay!). For this purpose – as in agile project management – weekly Monday meetings take place, in which the tasks are distributed in a cycle- and need-oriented manner. In the first 3 weeks I join in by phone call, after that only when needed.


  • Your employees are strengthened in their cyclical self-awareness and know when to do which tasks in which way in order to advance your company effortlessly and constantly with their superpowers.
  • Your team works more harmoniously and therefore more efficiently, because everyone knows what the others are doing.
  • Your company radiates innovation internally and externally, as well as holistic human appreciation.
We tailor the concrete steps of the implementation of cycle-oriented working in your company to your needs and wishes and those of your employees, and develop your personal implementation process together.

If you can’t wait to give yourself and your employees the loving gift of cycle-oriented work, please feel free to make an appointment directly.